Vacuum Sealer Roll

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Protect your meats, vegetables and favorite foods from spoiling by sealing in freshness with Save It Fresh® Vacuum Sealer Roll.
When it’s time to stock your freezer with leftovers, fresh meat or garden vegetables, you need a convenient way to keep food fresher and more organized without making a lot more work for yourself.

That’s why you need a Save It Fresh® Vacuum Sealer Roll.
Compatible with all your favorite clamp-style heat sealers, you’ll be able to safely and efficiently store food with an airtight, leak proof seal that keeps out the freezer burn and holds in the freshness.
Made from thick, heavy duty plastic that can hold up to even the sharpest bones, our vacuum sealer rolls can reduce storage space, keep food safer, longer, and won’t add a lot of unnecessary work to your kitchen plans. Complete with a lifetime guarantee, you won’t find better food storage rolls available today!

Product Details:

  • 3 Times Strong than Competitors (Enhanced Thickness)
  • Textured Side (12mil) and Glossy Side (4mil)
  • BPA Free
  • Water and Moisture Resistant
  • Create Leak Proof and Airtight Seals
  • Compatible with Nearly All Clamp-Style Heat Sealers
  • Perfect for Sous Vide Cooking
  • Lifetime Guarantee

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  • ORGANIZE THE FREEZER – Thick and durable, our vacuum sealer roll lets you quickly and easily seal, store and organize fish, steak, hamburger, vegetables, chicken and other foods that need to be frozen and kept for later meals.
  • SUSTAIN FOODS LONGER – These thick, BPA-free plastic bags help seal out oxygen while sealing in odors or liquids. This helps reduce freezer burn and extends the life of food exponentially, which means you can enjoy deer meat all summer!
  • ENHANCED DURABILITY – Strong enough to resist chicken bone punctures and sliding around in a freezer, our bags are also safe to use in the microwave, in boiling hot water, and even in the dishwasher. Most importantly, we keep food tasting great.
  • CONVENIENT VERSATILITY – These vacuum sealer bags work flawlessly with all of the top heat-sealing machines. Simply add your food, seal and store for later
  • SOUS-VIDE STYLE COOKING – The enhanced durability and airtight design allow chefs and cooking enthusiasts to tackle their favorite sous-vide cooking recipes complete with temperature-controlled steam environments.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – We have no doubt that we’re offering the best vacuum storage rolls on for fridge and freezer foods that every order comes with a money back guarantee for satisfaction. Better yet, they come with a lifetime warranty to ensure long-lasting quality.




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