Why you Should Stop Buying Well Known Food Saver Bags

food saver bags

Vacuum Sealing

Food preservation is one of the most useful techniques to prevent food from spoiling. It prevents bacteria and yeast from growing on food, thus preventing the consumers of the food product from getting food poisoning and other similar illnesses. One of the best and easiest methods of food preservation is the use of vacuum sealers, which involves placing an item of food into a plastic food saver bag or other container, placing the container into a machine, and having the machine remove all the air inside the container so the food inside the container can be completely sealed. This method removes the oxygen from the container, stopping the growth of bacteria and fungi from growing on the food. It also extends the shelf life of the food.

Well Known Brands vs. Save It Fresh Bags

Modern vacuum sealers have been around since the 1980s, and the most common form of vacuum sealing is through the use of plastic vacuum sealer bags, as these can be very inexpensive compared to buying other types of containers. Save It Fresh is an up-and-coming brand of vacuum sealer bags that has been shown to be cheaper and more effective than the leading brand. Save It Fresh is three times stronger, and more inexpensive.

Three Times Stronger

Save It Fresh bags are three times stronger than Food Saver bags. While well known brands are four millimeters thick, Save It Fresh bags are twelve millimeters thick, making them three times thicker and stronger. This is a huge advantage because it means there is less of a risk of breakage if, say, a large food item such as beef or pork needs to be sealed and preserved. There is less danger of bones and sharp edges to cut the vacuum sealer bag.

More Advantages

This higher thickness of Save It Fresh bags also opens up more advantages. For example, it makes Save It Fresh bags safer for the microwave and dishwasher than well known brands. The Save It Fresh bags are also safe for boiling and freezing, and won’t break when boiled or frozen. It prevent freezer burn, leading to better flavor and texture in foods that are sealed in the Save It Fresh bags.

Sous-Vide Cooking

Sous-vide cooking or “under vacuum” cooking is a method of slow cooking which involves the submersion of vacuum-sealed food in water for it to cook. Generally lower temperatures are used, and it takes longer, but it assures for more even cooking in the inside and outside and makes sure the outside isn’t overcooked. It also helps retain moisture in the meat. Other food saver bags brands can be used for this, but because the Save It Fresh bags are thicker, they allow for better quality of sous-vide cooking.


Bisphenol A, or BPA, is a chemical used in the manufacturing of some plastics and plastic products. However, this chemical is dangerous and causes illnesses in the brain, especially in infants and children. In some cases, BPA in plastic containers may leak into foods and be unknowingly consumed. BPA is not used in the manufacturing of the Save It Fresh bags, however, so there is assurance that BPA poisoning will not occur when the Save It Fresh bags are used for vacuum sealing.

Can Be Used On Any Vacuum Sealing Machine

These Save It Fresh bags are also compatible with any clamp style heat-sealing vacuum machine.

Cheaper Than Leading Brands

When comparing the prices of well known brands and Save It Fresh bags, it is clear that the Save It Fresh bags give more quality for the price. For the same price, Save It Fresh bags have more material, and have better quality bags. By buying Save It Fresh bags rather than expensive brands, more money for food can be saved.

Offers Lifetime Warranty

A warranty is a guarantee that gives an assurance of product quality and allows a consumer to make a claim if the product in question fails to work or if the product’s quality is subpar. A lifetime warranty is a warranty that lasts for a lifetime, so the consumer of a product with lifetime warranty may make a claim for legal action in the case that the product fails to work. Unlike competitors, Save It Fresh offers lifetime warranty for free with the product, which assures buyers that the product is of the best quality.

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